It’s that time of year again… The time for planting flowers, trimming hedges, and taking steps to make your green grass look fabulous throughout the summer.
Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than a well trimmed, luscious green lawn. That said, getting the lawn to look perfect and stay perfect can quickly become vexing. According to, there are several essential “must-do’s” to promote a flourishing yard. For example, dethatching your grass with a rake is essential to remove debris from the grass shoots. Much like cutting off split ends to promote hair growth and health, your grass needs just as much TLC to prosper!
Another tip is the importance of aerating your lawn. What is aerating? It is the process of providing your lawn with irrigation via aeration. Aeration shoes or power aeration equipment create small holes in the soil so water and nutrients can better reach the roots. However, this process does cause short term damage that will need to be considered for when the appropriate time would be to aerate, so that your lawn has time to heal.
Does your lawn have bare spots? If you have pets, your animals may be undoing all of your hard work when they take their business outside. Have no fear! There is a solution to your lawn’s baldness! Lawn care professionals recommend treating the area with a pH balancer. Grass requires a pH balance between 5-7 to retain its health and vigor. Animal urine is acidic and therefore depreciates that balance. Home improvement stores sell products to adjust the ph balance and encourage growth for those troublesome spots.

To recap today’s blog: 3 essential tips to make your lawn look great:

Maintain a lawn pH between 5-7

Good luck and don’t forget to water!

Posted by: Hometown Property Management on May 17, 2017
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