Have an investment property and you’re looking for the right company to manage it for you? Let us answer all your questions!


In a modern world, what can Hometown Property Management (HTPM) offer that others don’t?
Our advanced technology provides you with the best service to help manage your properties efficiently and effectively.  HTPM has heavily invested in state-of-the-art marketing and accounting software.  With our commitment to cutting edge technology along with our extensive management experience, we can:

  • Respond more quickly to owners and residents, offering excellent service
  • Securely access data about any property, from any device, at any time we need to
  • Send monthly owner statements electronically, saving time and paper
  • Issue concise, easy-to-read monthly statements detailing the performance of your property
  • Pay owners fast every month via direct deposit
  • Market properties in more locations across the Internet
  • View online applications instantly which are integrated with all vacancy postings, saving lots of time and ultimately filling vacancies more quickly
  • Instantly screen tenants – We check credit, rental history, evictions, and criminal history in less than 60 seconds
  • Process and respond to maintenance requests more quickly
  • Resolve repair issues by quickly contacting vendors and using electronic work orders for more efficient and detailed communication


How does your marketing compare to other companies?
We work hard to market all of our owner’s rentals and feel we provide the best marketing in the area. HTPM knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we hire a professional photographer to take beautiful, high quality photos for every home that we market.  For exceptional properties, HTPM will also hire a professional videographer to do a video walkthrough of the home and grounds.  Prospective renters viewing our ads will know exactly what the homes have to offer from our outstanding photos, exceptional ad copy, and detailed descriptions.  This enables HTPM to fill vacancies extremely fast to well qualified tenants.

Which websites will my home be advertised on?
Vacancies are posted instantly to our website and our marketing campaign includes your home being listed on an additional 34 top rental sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Apartments.com, and Craigslist.

How do you set your rental rates?
Our built-in rent comparison tool allows us to compare rental prices of similar units in the same geographic location. Our staff is also constantly monitoring rental rates and market trends so we can ensure our properties are competitively priced and we are maximizing rental revenue for each owner.


Do I have any say in who’s approved for my home?
Of course! We work hand in hand with our owners to make sure that all of the criteria they are looking for in a prospective tenant are met while still following the guidelines set forth by federal, state, and local laws.

How are applications processed?
Appealing to the modern and mobile renter, the combination of our website and our team provides a seamless online leasing experience for prospective renters. Once a prospective renter submits an online application, we run a complete background screening, issue an approval, then generate the lease documents for the renter to sign digitally.  Processing this way makes it easy and simple for modern renters and our team to rent properties quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

What is included in your background screening?
Our instant screening process includes a complete income, criminal, credit, rental, and eviction history background check with results in less than 60 seconds. We also check references and contact prior landlords. When we have the results, we contact the prospective tenant as quickly as possible. If the results are good, we schedule a showing and prepare the lease.

What if they have bad credit?
Prospective renters with credit scores below 650 may be eligible to rent on a case-by-case basis subject to additional terms and conditions and/or an additional security deposit.
What if they have a felony or eviction on their record?
Without exception, HTPM does NOT lease to registered sex offenders or renters with felony convictions or eviction history.

What if they own a pet?
If owners are willing to accept pets in their home, HTPM will discuss the applicant’s pet(s) with the owners for approval.  If pets are approved by the owner and HTPM, tenants will pay a “pet deposit” of $400 per pet prior to the pet(s) entering the home.

How do you collect rents?
We offer the option for tenants to conveniently pay their rent online 24/7 instead of mailing checks. With a variety of online payment options including E-Check, Credit Card, and Electronic Cash Payments, funds are deposited faster and more securely. The online portal is completely integrated with our accounting records and residents really appreciate the convenience and accessibility that our online services provide. They can pay once, establish a recurring payment, or make a last minute payment even on weekends and holidays. Online rent payments helps our team be so much more efficient without the need to shuffle checks and drive to the bank.

Maintenance & Repairs

How do you handle maintenance issues?
Residents can easily submit maintenance requests online through their tenant portal or by calling us.  We always have someone available 24/7 to address any maintenance or emergency issues that come up. We create electronic work orders and submit them to one of our trusted vendors or the preferred vendor of the owner. All maintenance requests and work orders are tracked seamlessly through our software allowing us to instantly keep tabs on scheduling, completed repairs, and invoicing.

Who pays for maintenance issues?
Structural, mechanical, and normal wear and tear on the home are the owner’s responsibility. Tenants are responsible for regular care and maintenance including:

  • Keeping the property free of animal feces, garbage, debris, and any items that owner deems to be “unsightly” to the property
  • Snow and ice removal from front and rear doors and walks, any and all decks, porches, & patios, and from sidewalk in front of premises;
  • Watering all vegetation, mowing grass, fertilizing, weeding, and other routine yard care and maintenance as appropriate when weather permits;
  • Minor repairs and maintenance such as unclogging drains, changing light bulbs, changing furnace filters, etc.;
  • Repair all damage caused by Tenant or Tenant’s visitors;
  • Replace all broken glass caused by Tenant or Tenant’s visitors;
  • Repair all damage caused by water leaks, heat failure, or similar causes which are not promptly reported to the Owner; and
  • Repair all damage caused by Tenant’s failure to leave the heat on during cold weather or damage to plumbing fixtures for failure to disconnect garden hoses, etc.

How quickly are maintenance and repair issues resolved?
Since maintenance is managed through our integrated online system from start to finish, we’re able to resolve maintenance issues very quickly. Faster maintenance resolution keeps owners and residents happy!


How are you going to make sure my investment is taken care of?
HTPM conducts quarterly interior inspections of every home.  Once scheduled with the resident, our maintenance team completes a thorough inspection report with photos of each room and details of any potential problems.  The completed inspection report is shared with the owner of the property and any problems are discussed with the owners.  Routine inspections allow us the opportunity to work with tenants and owners to keep minor maintenance issues from turning into larger, more costly repairs.

Do I get a copy of the inspection reports?
Yes. They are published to the owner’s portal and available for viewing immediately after completion.


What if the tenant damages my property?
HTPM requires that all residents carry at least a $100,000 Tenant Liability Insurance policy for tenant caused damages to the property. This protects the owners from having to pay out of pocket for repairs that were caused by a tenant or from having to file an insurance claim on their landlord policy.

Does HTPM offer Tenant Liability Insurance?
Yes. If tenants have not provided proof of insurance from an outside agency upon move-in, they are enrolled into the group policy with Great American Insurance Group to provide easy and cost effective tenant liability insurance. Once enrolled in the group policy, tenants will have an affordable $9.50/month charge added to their account that is payable with their rents through the online portal.

What does the Great American Insurance Group Tenant Liability Insurance cover?
The group policy provides tenants with liability coverage to the leased property for up to $100,000 per occurrence with no background check or deductible. Covered losses include fire, smoke, explosion, water damage, backup or overflow of sewer or drain, falling objects, riot, and civil commotion.


How much are your management fees?
Management fees are determined by the type of property and location.  Please contact us for a quote specific to your property.  

Does HTPM charge marketing fees, sign-up fees, or require reserves?
No. We don’t get paid until your home is leased so we’re motivated to make sure every home gets rented quickly for top dollar and stays occupied.

When will I receive the monies from rents?
Tenants are required to pay rent by the 1st of each month with a 4-day grace period. We know that owners have bills to pay and work very hard to get your monies to you by the 10th of each month or sooner.

How do I receive my rent monies?
Owners get paid quickly and securely by direct deposit into the checking or savings account of their choice. There is no worrying or waiting for a check to arrive by mail!

What about rental increases?
HTPM is constantly analyzing rental rates and market trends.  Before a tenant’s lease expires, HTPM will determine if a rental adjustment is in order.  If so, the lease renewal will include the rental increase.

How do I get my monthly statement and when?
Through our online owner portal, you’ll have on-demand access to your monthly statements. Statements are posted to the owner’s portal by the 15th of the month or sooner.

What is included with my statement?
A complete accounting of all income and expenses is provided in a easy to read statement.  If any bills were paid on your behalf, you will receive a PDF copy of every invoice. HTPM can provide a variety of other statements at the owner’s request.

Will I get a 1099 for my taxes?
Yes. HTPM provides owners with a 1099 in January for their tax records.  The 1099 will include the total amount of gross rent received for the prior year.  HTPM also provides a complete year-end income statement for each property.